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Our Founder


A Letter From Aspen

For 15 years now, I have been on my own personal wellness journey. Mentally, emotionally and especially physically - I am always exploring new and different ways to "be well." It started in high school with yoga and learning to eat healthy, and through the years transformed and evolved in many different directions. The last 10 years, I have been obsessed with clean living:  clean food, clean surroundings and clean products for my body. I have four children, and through each pregnancy found myself learning more about skincare products that were safe for me and safe for baby, that would also help me with my cystic acne and chronic dryness. 

A few years ago, I noticed a huge white space in the market. I didn't see many beauty products marketed to women like me. I am very active and in love with the outdoors. I set out to curate a highly effective product collection with innovative ingredients, that would be durable enough for active women while reflecting the beautiful surroundings that have inspired me!


You'll find bits and pieces of the gorgeous Pacific Northwest all throughout our products. There are kombucha based products to completely rebalance your skin's microbiome, adaptogens to increase your skin's resilience to stress, and many plants foraged right here in the PNW. Foraged (wildcrafted) plant extracts are so much more amazing; they are fed and watered by nature and not man, so the extracts are naturally much more potent. 

We source as close to our physical location as possible, with a preference for eco-certified ingredients. All products are made in very fresh, small batches in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. (You'll find more information on the things we do to give back to the earth here). 

Every item has a lovely natural scent with luxurious texture.  You can be confident that I have thoroughly vetted every ingredient - with each scoring in the green zone on EWG's Skindeep Database. You'll see just-back-from-the-medi-spa quality results very quickly, and the best part is that while your skin is transforming, the money you spent is helping the earth and our society.

Here's to you and your health! 





About Aspen

I grew up on a ranch in Eastern Oregon. With my family scattered throughout the Northwest, I spent a ton of time outdoors all over Washington and Oregon state. I have been inspired by family trips to pick huckleberries near Mount Adams (pictured right), horseback rides in the Oregon high deserts, and summers spent jumping in and out of the water.

I now have a husband and four awesome (cute, exhausting, small) children! We have yet to pick a place to settle down - hopping around the PNW for the last several years. When we aren't working, you'll find us hiking, having beach days or catching up with family (usually on the ranch with my mom or the farm with my in-laws). 


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